Large-scale relocations ‘will go ahead’ despite office-use challenges

A NUMBER of Belfast companies planning multi-million pound office moves in the coming months insist they “won’t be radically revising their plans” despite challenges regarding the future use of office space.

Business services giants Deloitte and PwC are among those due to relocate to vastly larger premises which between them will house more than 3,000 staff.

But given new-found home-working habits, many businesses have been reassessing their space requirements.

This has resulted in some parts of the UK and Ireland of firms exiting their leases and others seeking smaller spaces to accommodate a workforce that operates part-remotely.

And despite speculation in some accountancy circles suggesting that Deloitte was considering back-tracking on its proposed relocation a few metres up Bedford Street to the new £85 million Bedford Square scheme, the firm has issued a categoric denial.

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